Sabathia For MVP

It sounds crazy to make CC Sabathia MVP after only pitching for half of the season with the Brewers, but surely you have to consider it after the gem he pitched yesterday. On three days rest he did it by himself, he gave the Brewers a playoff birth,… Read more

Joba Chamberlain/Joba Heath’s Mother’s Story In Her Words

Joba Chamberlain’s life story has been well chronicled since his debut in the majors last year, a story that was intensified by the media thanks to his amazing performance. Born Joba Heath turned Joba Chamberlain, he has become one of the most… Read more

Was the Angels’ Celebration Too Much?

Last night after the Angels defeated the hopeless Yankees, the Angels decided to party like it was 1999 or 2002 when they won the World Series. If you knew nothing about the MLB and tuned into see the Angels’ celebration, you would have thought they… Read more

Is It Fair To Give CC Sabathia The NL Cy Young?

Since his move from the Indians to the Brewers and the National League, C.C. Sabathia has been unbeatable. Literally. He’s gone 9-0 with 4 complete games and hasn’t shown any signs of letting up. His last game was nearly a no-hitter after a… Read more

Rollins vs. Phillies Fans…Who’s Right?

Does he deserve it? Sure, his words were a little harsh and definitely shouldn’t have been said, but c’mon he’s the reason the Phillies are even in the playoff race in the NL East. He shouldn’t have been booed, right?Here’s where it all started,… Read more

Could Manny Be Manny in Pinstripes Next Year?

We’ve all witnessed the tabacle that was the Manny Ramirez trade in which the Red Sox traded away a first ballot hall of famer to the Dodgers in a three way deal for Jason Bay. That along with Favregate became the two stories of interest and… Read more

Yankees Trade For Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez

Ivan Pudge Rodriguez will be behind the plate for the New York Yankees coming down the stretch

As a Ranger, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez torched the Yankees, now he has become one. With the news that Jorge Posada will undergo season-ending shoulder surgery, the Yankees didn’t hesitate to make one of the biggest trades of the season and landing… Read more

Why Does This Year’s Hall of Fame Induction Have to be So Boring!?!

I tried. I tried my hardest to watch this year’s Hall of Fame inductions but I just couldn’t do it. Honestly I’d rather watch paint dry than listen to Dick Williams drone on about old baseball stories. The thing is, there aren’t any inductees… Read more

Pre Game Routine

By Gus Ornstein Every athlete has their own routine on game day to get themselves both mentally and physically ready to play. Some guys are very superstitious and go through the exact same routine for every game. They may wear the same clothes,… Read more

Day 5 in the Life of a Minor League Pitcher: Mental Preparation and Relaxation recently spent five days with Tampa Bay Ray pitcher Chris Mason down in Durham, North Carolina. Chris is in Durham pitching for the Durham Bulls who are the AAA affiliate of the Rays.  This is day 5 in his pitching cycle.  One in… Read more